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Below the Kōwhai creates modern digital sewing patterns with nostalgic charm.

Our goal was to build a new visual identity together that impresses Below the Kowhai’s customers, so that they can trust that they are purchasing high-quality products from a professional who knows what she’s doing!

The Below the Kōwhai brand was influenced by these keywords: Impressive, Professional, Trustworthy, Quality, Together, Inspiring, Adventurous, and Kiwi. Through customer feedback, it was clear that the existing identity wasn’t professional enough, and was a little boring, so the new identity needed to feel impressive, professional, trustworthy and high-quality, while inspiring avid and new sewists through a sense of nostalgic, kiwi adventure.

Bringing elements of the existing brand together, I proposed a clean and professional upgrade to the visual identity with a cohesive, natural colour palette inspired by the kowhai plant, nostalgic, adventurous lifestyle photography and a combination of elegant & contemporary typography, as well as a new Below the Kowhai logo to represent the brand as a whole.

The Below the Kōwhai brand refresh includes a logomark and three alternative combination marks, colour ways, typography, pattern tutorial templates, social media templates, and more.

"Working with Hollie on my brand was a dream! She made my business come alive on screen and was able to capture the essence of it with just a short virtual meeting. The whole process of design and revisions was very fluid and natural and Hollie's work was inspiring throughout. I adore our new brand, it represents who we are and who our customers are so well! Thank you Hollie!"

— Sophie Laughton-Mutu

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