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Black & White Studios is 1!

We did it! This week marks 1 whole year since I started Black & White Studios full time! A couple of days ago I celebrated the milestone with some of my closest friends (check out our cheesy group photo above!) and now it’s time to celebrate with you too!

I’ve re-written this article over and over again because I just can’t find the right words to say how grateful I am for the last year, for everyone who has supported me along the way and for those of you who have believed in me enough to pay me to do what I love!

To my clients, this literally wouldn’t have been possible without you and I am honoured to have had the opportunity to work with you in visualising your vision. I really hope that we can continue to collaborate more and more in the years to come!

To my friends and family, your support has meant the world. I know that me quitting my job with thousands of dollars of debt and no guarantees of work was crazy and probably terrified you as much as it did me, but you still believed in me and stuck by me the whole time, so thank you! All the brunches, facetimes, movie nights and texts kept me sane!

And a little note to myself to look back on: thank you for having the guts to do something that scared you and take the road less travelled in order to get to where you are today. This is your dream and it’s only just started, so here’s to many more Black & White Studios birthdays!


Let’s take a trip down memory lane and check out some work from this year! Thanks to my talented pal Karleshia for the funky showreel!


This next year will be focussed on creating more badass brands and developing content that will help more people turn their passion into pixels! I can’t wait to share some projects I’ve been working towards the end of this year, and get started on some new ones!


If you’re reading this, thank you so much again for being a part of this journey! Your support, however big or small, means so much to me and makes all of this so worth it! Here’s to many more years!

Hollie stands resting her hands on the white desk behind her, wearing a black t-shirt tucked into orange pants and clear glasses, and smiling into the camera.

by hollie arnett

The brand coach for creatives, hand-lettering artist for herself, and cup of tea lover forever.

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