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Isa Adney is a writer, dreamer, and producer. When she’s not producing webinars at Convertkit, Isa is writing her next book, The Little Book of Big Dreams: True Stories of Dreams Come True, interviewing inspiring people like Disney songwriter Kirsten Anderson-Lopez, EGOT winner Bobby Lopez, Oscar winner Dave Elsey, or Hamilton rockstar Will Wells on her blog, Creative Teacup, and motivating others to achieve their dreams through her Keep Going Club.

With a new book in the works, Isa needed a professional, cohesive brand refresh that would bring all of her ventures under one visual identity. Isa’s three brands: Isa Adney, The Keep Going Club, and Creative Teacup needed to work together while maintaining their distinct identities.  

The Isa Adney brand brand refresh includes a logomark, wordmark, colour ways, typography, webinar deck and social media templates, and more.


“When I showed a friend my website with all the new design elements from Hollie she immediately said: "Wow, Isa, this SO YOU!" And I knew it was because Hollie took the time to really listen and get to know me before designing a thing. It made a huge difference. And the entire design process was truly a joy because Hollie is a joy (and ridiculously talented).”

—Isa Adney


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