Together with Tapi, I created a fun, friendly & personal brand for their simple maintenance software, representing communication, collaboration & maintenance.





Branding & Identity



"Hollie has gone above and beyond with a brand accurately representing Tapi as a business. She has engaged us throughout the entire process and ensured we were happy with fast delivery, quality execution, and a well-priced project. We are excited to continue engaging with Black and White studios and can strongly recommend other businesses out there to reach out to Hollie for a consultation."

—Tal Meser

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At the beginning of any branding project, after an initial chat with the client, I will create a moodboard. This gives us a starting place to work from, helps me to ensure that we’re all on the same page, starts the conversation and establishes a direction moving forward.

For Tapi, I went with a bold, simple colour palette and graphic style, with elements of fun and friendliness added in to represent that aspect of their company’s voice and vibe. The aesthetic is very clean, simple and approachable yet professional, matching the approach of the software itself, and appealing to their professional clients.


Initial Concepts

Once we were happy with the direction of the moodboard, I began with initial concepts. I had a few ideas around communication and maintenance, with the vision of combining these into a logomark. I used a mixture of speech bubbles, wrenches, houses and cogs to symbolise these aspects of the Tapi software.

During this process, I also explored many typographic options for Tapi’s logo. I was on the lookout for a simple, bold and approachable typeface and opted to use lowercase to emphasize this, eventually settling on Josefin Sans.



The Tapi team were drawn towards the logos with the houses, so at this stage, I explored some different variations of these to develop the logo further.


Final Logo Designs

The final brand includes a strong combination mark (logo & text), bold colours, elegant type and a fun illustration style. With several orientations of the logo in various colour combinations, the Tapi brand is versatile and appropriate for any situation.

I went on to create flyers, business cards & banners for Tapi, and am currently enjoying working on a website design with the team. Read more about each of these projects below!


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